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Tri-Kor Alloys:  Designed for Lacrosse

Innovation: Most lacrosse shafts on the market today are made from aerospace alloys developed decades ago.  Instead of simply buying whatever is available, we started with a clean slate and formulated alloys specifically for lacrosse.  That is how we derived the ultra-high strength/high toughness Sub Series.  These Scandium-Chrome Alloy models call out the weights for everyone to see: Sub 5 Attack weighs 5 ounces, Sub 7 Goalie less than 7 ounces and Sub 13 Defense less than 13 ounces.  Our TK2 Ballistic Alloy is the 2nd strongest alloy we have developed specifically for lacrosse.  It weighs only ½ ounce more for each model – still far lighter than most high-end shafts, but at a lower price.

Price: These innovations come right from Tri-Kor Alloys, a supplier to retailers and lacrosse players direct.  That cuts out a lot of price mark-up steps - that is how such high performance alloys can be offered at attractive prices.

Warranty: Simple – one year.  All types.  All models.  (see Return Policy)